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Psychometric Profiling

Some behaviours are essential for high performance, and research has shown that organisations with high performing teams consistently get better results than those without. But how can you tell who is likely to be a high performer? And how can you create high performing teams?

As an SHL Recruiter Partner, we can offer you testing, role profiling and access to questionnaires which identify key personality traits as an aide to determining behavioural styles at work.

The scientific behavioural tools we use provide a clear framework for understanding the impact of personality on job performance and can help differentiate between high performers and average performers. Think of the difference that could make to your business.

Psychometric Profiling - The HR Specialists

Make the right match

Which skills and abilities would someone need to perform well in your current roles? Our online personality questionnaire service will save you time and money as we identify candidates who most closely match your key criteria.

Psychometric Testing - The HR Specialists

We’re firm and fair

Would you like a trained psychometric tester and an experienced interviewer to support your internal recruitment and selection processes? You’ll recruit the right person and also protect your company against challenges by candidates of the fairness of your processes.

Build the best team

Our tailored solutions include in-job evaluation, performance appraisals and pay systems.
If you’d like your selection process to be compliant, professional and cost-effective give us a call.

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We can also help you with:

  • A full recruitment procedure with forms and records to support your internal processes
  • Structured interview training
  • Interviewing or supporting interviewers
  • Induction processes and/or delivery
  • Support at recruitment events and assessment centres
  • Use of profiling for recruitment, selection, balancing teams, individual development and outplacement

The Individual Development report identifies individual strengths and weaknesses and provides development advice. The Group Development Report is for managers, project leaders and HR professionals wanting to understand each team’s impact on your business. Work with us to understand the impact that individuals can have on a team, identify strengths and development needs and improve your team's overall impact.

For more information on personality profiling and the reports available,

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